Cathey McNabb


Hello, my name is Cathey McNabb.  I graduated from Santa Fe High School, Columbia State Community College, and MTSU. I love teaching my kids.  I have a website to help my students learn.  My website can be founhere.
In addition, I love reading and creative writing.  In fact, I am a writer and have written over 100 children’s books, a novel, and over 1,000 poems.  Furthermore, I am a published poet and was published in the Anthology of the Best Poems and Poets for 2003
I believe that education is extremely important, and every student has the ability to learn.  Every student may not learn at the same speed, but they can learn.  Learning is a lifelong journey.  
My husband is Tony McNabb, and we have one daughter, Caitlyn.  We live on a farm with various dogs, cats, and goats.  I love animals.  When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, writing stories/poems, and remodeling my house.